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More than 3,000 people from across the country gathered near the U.S. Capitol on Sunday, July 11 to stand in solidarity against the rising tide of antisemitism across the United States.

The “No Fear: A Rally in Solidarity With the Jewish People” was organized by more than 100 Jewish and…

Israel is immediately sending 700,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from its warehouses to meet current needs in the Asian country. In exchange, South Korea will return the same amount of vaccines to Israel from a future order it’s expecting from Pfizer in September or October.

This comes as…


Israel’s long history of rushing IDF units and other rescuers to disaster sites is nothing new. This tradition and commitment began on the Ionian Islands of Greece in 1953, when the State of Israel was barely five years old. …


The Story:

  • A key decision by the U.S. FDA this week will likely rely heavily on Israeli data
  • Israel continues to ramp up aid to India, focusing especially on one type of medical device
  • The New York Jewish Federation is following Israel’s lead and sending aid of its own to…

The Story:

  • Molotov cocktails and rock-throwing attacks by terrorists and their supporters on the Temple Mount have been taking place against civilians praying at the Western Wall below, as well as aiming fireworks at civilians and police in other areas.
  • Violent mobs have been rioting in the Sheikh Jarrah section…

The Story:

  • Over 60 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Jerusalem and other parts of Central Israel in a major escalation by Hamas against Israeli civilians. Alarms are sounding and the public is rushing to shelters. …


During an interview with Israel’s Channel 13 Wednesday night, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Israel is very close to “herd immunity.”

Herd immunity is the term used to describe conditions where a sufficient portion of a population is immune from a contagious threat through vaccination or recovery, so that it won’t…

The Story:

  • After last week’s positive and constructive meetings in Washington that included President Biden, Israel and the Biden administration are building on their positive dialogue and remain in close contact on all security issues regarding Iran.
  • U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan also praised the results of the meeting…

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 28-day mandate to form a new government expires on Tuesday.
  • If no coalition agreement is made by then, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will then hand the mandate over to the candidate who has the best chance to form a coalition.
  • Four consecutive Israeli national elections over the past two years have each led to deadlocks where enduring coalitions could not be formed.

Our Statements:

“Our main consideration must be who can best form a government that would receive the trust of the Knesset.” -Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

The Story:

  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delayed the Palestinian elections that were set for May 22. There have been no Palestinian elections since 2005, and Abbas is now in the 17th year of what was supposed to be a four-year term.
  • President Abbas is blaming Israel for his decision. But…

Israeli Consulate in New York Newsletter

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